Shane Dawson is going to meet YouTube's CEO for a "tea session"

5 March 2019, 17:16

shane dawson susan wojcicki
Picture: (Photo by Francois G. Durand/Getty Images)
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

A clash of the titans?

It looks like Shane Dawson is going to meet up with YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki to discuss problems with the site - much to the shock and delight of many fans. And by the way - if you're wondering how to pronounce Wojcicki, don't worry - we've got a guide for that.

It all started when Shane tweeted:

"I wish the trending page on youtube was real. every time i wanna see what’s going viral i never know where to look. im not trying to be shady it just geninuinley (sp) annoys me that there’s nowhere to see what’s actually trending. anyone else feel that way? am i alone here? haha"

After a fan suggested that Shane himself become the YouTube CEO', Shane added:

"i’m not trying to come for @SusanWojcicki’s gig! but if she ever wants to have a tea session about stuff like this i’m always down hahaha"

And then, to the surprise of seemingly everyone, Susan actually responded. She quote-tweeted Shane and said: "Hey @shanedawson, how does next month sound?"

Complete with a tea emoji.

Naturally, people freaked out.

Including Jeffree Star, who tweeted offering to provide makeup for the meeting: "Great, I’ll do Susan’s makeup! 🔥"

We'll just have to wait and see what comes of this meeting - although don't forget that 'next month' could technically mean April the first....