13 YouTubers Who Are Single As F*ck Like You

15 February 2017, 17:21 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:39

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

There's hope for all of us!

Ever dreamed of marrying a YouTuber? Of course you have! But if you're all aboard the single train then, actually, there's hope for you. At the time of writing, these YouTubers aren't in public relationships that we know of so keep swiping on Tinder and you never know what might happen!

So here's to the single life- the ups and downs, the empowering feels and the days spent curled in a ball. You got this, guys! And so do all your faves...

Evan Edinger

Rebecca Black

Single every day, not just on a Friday.


Lily Melrose

Who, btw, we'd date ANYTIME!


Saffron Barker

Girl has her priorities in place!


Melanie Murphy

Our girl crush AND shoe crush, according to these tweets.


Eve Bennett

Cheer up, Eve, your fans love you endlessly!


Robin James

But hey, at least you'll feel amazing for setting up the flat pack ALL BY YOURSELF!


Emma Blackery

DOGS > everything.

Joseph Harwood

Joseph gets the ups and downs of the single life. It's a crazy, crazy world.


Jack Jones

Note to self: get a cat ASAP.


Brittney Saunders



Chris Kendall

Not a bad offer, tbh.


And Gabriella Lindley who is just waiting for Selena to come along

One day, Gabs, one day.