5 International Vloggers That Prove YouTube Is Bigger Than You Think

28 March 2017, 15:20 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:25

We the Unicorns

By Modupe Modupe Oloruntoba

So. Much. Talent!

We’ve covered South Africa’s best YouTubers and vloggers, makeup mavens across the continent, and the African comedians making us laugh until we cry. Now we’ll take a look at some channels that offer a peek into different parts of life across the continent - travel, food, and even the entertainment business.

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Hey Gabster

Swaziland/South Africa (Vlog)

Gabby is a Swati expat studying for a PhD in South Africa. She’s bubbly and fun, and vlogs on absolutely everything from her last trip to the dentist to a ‘Juju on that beat’ dance challenge. Follow her for a broad look at student life in South Africa, and for her first hand account of the fees protests that shut down the country’s largest campuses late last year. Like most vlogs, one of the best parts of her channel is the great conversation in the comments section - she’s very interactive.

Can you believe she’s 35?!


Elodie Zone

Kenya (Vlog)

Elodie is a fun Kenyan YouTuber who is all about having a good time. She films bits of every aspect of her life in ‘the 254’ (Kenya’s country dialling code), from GRWM videos to the story of how she failed a driving test. Her friends make regular appearances, and she even played backup guitar for one of them in an old video, a sweet cover of Waves.


 The A1 TV

South Africa (Entertainment News)

Moyin Oloruntoba is an entertainment reporter and content creator making a splash in South African entertainment with her online news show The A1 TV. [Yes, she’s my sister. :)] The A1 is your standard local entertainment news station, the place to go for all the latest and biggest stories on your favourite actors, musicians and celebrities. Watch the Lowdown for the scoop on the latest music, award show reports, and celebrity beef, and watch the Best & Worst Dressed red carpet series for on-the-nose, hilarious commentary on red carpet fashion, hosted by a panel of the channel’s viewers.


Thalia & John

South Africa (Vlog + Travel)

If you’re looking for a view of simple everyday life, join this warm, funny couple on everything from cruise vacations to house sitting for friends, all over South Africa. Check out the Cango Caves, the island of Mozambique, or world famous Robben Island. Can these two get a round of applause for their daily vlogs? Thalia & John uploaded a video every single day from the beginning of October 2016 to the end of January 2017 - four solid months!


Nigerian Food Channel

UK (Food)

It’s hard not to be biased about this one because my blood runs green, but I love this channel! The Nigerian Food Channel makes recipe videos with easy to follow instructions on classic Nigerian meals and snacks. Channels like this are invaluable resources for emigrant foodies like me. I recommend starting with gizdodo, suya, or an old school meat pie. Food is the easiest way to experience another culture, so dig in!