10 Sprinkle Of Glitter Snapchats That Will Give You Front Camera Envy

1 June 2016, 12:34 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:35

louise pentland snapchat

By Gemma Bentley

We weren't kidding, these are too much.

Louise has been treating all her Glitterbugs to some beautiful Snapchats lately with our stories filling up with all the things she loves so dearly. As well as being a huge fan of a ridiculous filter, Louise loves using Snapchat as a way to document cute days with Darcy to glitzy events abroad - truly showcasing the glitter lifestyle! And if you want to thank anybody for Louise's sudden use of the hugely popular app, send your love and adoration (as always) over to Alfie Deyes who taught her how to use the app back in April when they travelled to Playlist Live.

So, without any further adieu, here is undeniable proof that our favourite YouTuber, Sprinkle of Glitter, is ALSO the Queen of Snapchat filters!




This is currently Louise's favourite Snapchat filter. With the pink backlit and floral crown, we can't think what Louise likes in particular about this filter...



We always had Louise down as a Disney princess, rather than the villain, but this Snap proves otherwise.glitter


Cats, more cats, cat filters, all the cats. 

louise snapchat


We hope that there's a makeup tutorial coming from Louise soon on how to recreate this artsy look.



Louise doesn't just filter her own face, but also LOVES adding sneaky shots of her manager, Maddie.



Louise has been travelling a lot more this year and has thankfully captured some stunning snaps from Cannes and Florida to share with us back home. Since Louise doesn't always vlog her trips and day to day life, her travels are an essential addition to your Snapchat VIP list.



As much as we love seeing behind-the-scenes of the glam and glitz of photoshoots and film premieres, it's always lovely to see Louise in her element as a mother - especially when she's playing games (including the Sylvanian Families) with Darcy.



We also get a sneak peak into the GleamTeam PO Box thanks to the Glitter Snapchat, in additional to swooning over beautiful new beauty products. Louise also opened up her birthday present from her chummy Zoe, which has resulted in us getting some serious present envy and spending too much time on Whistles website.


If you aren't already, you can follow Louise on Snapchat by adding the username LouisePentland - but double check you're adding the right Louise! Whilst your at it, our username is Unicornssnap to stay on top of our daily exploits and adventures! But don't feel like you're missing out on the news and gossip with all these new Snapchat contacts, you can check out our weekly SLAY or NAY series to find out what's happening in the exciting world of YouTube.