Here’s Every Sprinkle Of Glitter Video You Need To See Because She Is Life

27 November 2015, 16:22 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:39

louise and cat

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Aloha, Sprinklearinos!

We love Sprinkle of Glitter, AKA Louise Pentland. Having started her channel in 2010 after running successful blog Beads, Buttons And A Sprinkle of Glitter, Louise has seen her profile rise to over 2 million subscribers.

These days not only is Louise a YouTuber, she's an author, comedian (Louise LIVE made us laugh so much we might have peed our pants) and a fashion designer for Simply Be. Let's be real, we're bloody proud of her.

So to commend her Greatness, we're having a look at her top five most popular videos of all time. So sit back and enjoy, Sprinklearinos!


Louise or Zoe - 3.2 million views

It won't surprise you that Louise's most popular video contains her lovely chummy, Zoella. This video was uploaded just over two years ago and is essentially the best friend version of Mr and Mrs. We love this!


Prank calls with Dan Howell - 3.1 million views

Number 2 is another collab, this time with Dan Howell. Louis and Dan choose to "alienate any other possible friends [they] may have had with prank calls". What could go wrong?! If you want to cry with laughter at other people crying with laughter, this is the video for you. Also: drunk cat decisions are the best cat decisions.


Draw my life - 2.6 million views

In the peek of the Draw My Life video days, Louise joined in. And we BALLED our eyes out. Like, you'll need a sh*t load of tissues because this video is absolutely heartbreaking. We love you, Louise.


You asked Baby Glitter - 2.5 million views

Hey, Baby Glitter- please never grow up. It's hard to believe this video was made in 2013... And Baby Glitter is still just as cute today as she was back then. In this video we learn that Darcy is a Bieber fan, makes a mean hairstylist and loves shoes. Cool.


Giving Zoe Her Christmas Gifts - 2.3 million

The fifth and final video in our list features Zoe, Darcy AND a tiny Nala. We love Zoe and Louise's Christmas videos and look forward to them every year so it's no surprise that this one from 2014 has rocketed up the list to be one of Louise's most popular videos. And after hearing the bestest chummies singing Jingle Bell Rock, we're now feeling SUPER festive.


What's your favourite Louise video of all time? Let us know in the comments below.