7 Things We Learned At Summer In The City Day One

14 August 2015, 16:23 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:11

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

The creator day at Summer In The City works slightly differently to the other two days. Designed mainly for those with YouTube channels, there's a whole host of panels and talks about everything from PR and marketing to monetisation and new product releases from YouTube.

We saw more people vlogging at once than we ever have in our lives. We saw some of our favourite YouTubers milling about like it was No Big Deal and we even live tweeted a long the way. We'll be covering more of the big issues from Summer In The City 2015 soon (the ethics talk today was outstanding and we're even more in awe of ThisBeDottie than ever before) but, for now, here's our day in pictures.

Fact 1: You will bump into someone every three seconds. Within two minutes of arriving, we stumbled up our YouTuber of The Week - JameBoyy- who was hanging out with Gary C by the fairground.


Gary C

Fact 2: There's a lot of shopping to be done and you'll be broke very quickly.

Dan and Phil mug

Fact 3: You'll get the chance to pose with Dan and Phil and, when you do, your social media channels will go crazy.

Dan and Phil SitC

Dan and Phil Twitter

Fact 4: Intelligent people + interesting and important debates = Mind. Blown. The creators, especially TomSka and ThisBeDottiie shone on the ethics panel today.

SitC panel

Fact 5: You'll then meet Dottie and realise how amazing her brows are IRL. It's why the unicorn is smiling.


Fact 6: You'll also meet Beckii Cruel and be riveted by her opinions on being a young teen on YouTube. You'll also feel incredibly old when you find out she's now 20.

Beckki Cruel

Fact 7: You'll make some great new friends!

Unicorn Minnie Mouse


We're tweeting live from Summer In The City 2015 all weekend at @WeTheUnicorns!