RECOMMENDED: You NEED To Be Watching Tamara Kalinic

18 March 2016, 16:39 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:14

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Everything about her is goals.

Here at We The Unicorns, we like to think we can do a pretty good job in recommending some great YouTubers for you to follow. Covering everything from booktube to beauty, gaming to baking, we're constantly discovering creators who we think you'll love. And today we've got an amazing lifestyle creator for you in the form of Tamara Kalinic. If you're after travel/fashion/beauty goals then Tamara has them by the bucket load.

Tamara is a blogger turned YouTuber with a chic style of editing and even better taste in fashion. Whilst we're stuck in a London office dreaming of getting a weekend away in Brighton, Tamara is jetting around the world to some of the most glam locations in the world. And sharing it all with her viewers, of course.

Travel content is what Tamara excels at, in our opinion. Tamara's vlogs are all shot beautifully, giving us ultimate wanderlust and allowing us to experience every sight and sound along the way. Rather than just showing us the places, Tamara does her best to convey the whole experience and allows us to feel the energy of each place she visits through the screen- a difficult task to say the least.

From Paris to Thailand, Vegas to the Maldives, prepare to yet away as you watch Tamara's videos right from the comfort of your own bed. We, for one, can't get enough!