Tana Mongeau dressed like Billie Eilish for a week and she looked iconic

29 May 2019, 14:00

Tana Mongeau / Billie Eilish
Tana Mongeau / Billie Eilish. Picture: Paul Archuleta / JB Lacroix (Getty)

By Rachel Finn

OMG... Billie, is that you?

Is there anyone on the planet who isn’t crushing hard on Billie Eilish right now? Well, it turns out Tana Mongeau is just as much of a Billie fan as the rest of us, judging by her new video.

In her latest upload, Tana spends a week dressing up in a different outfit Billie has worn each day of the week and heading out to a variety of locations.

She also talks about her recent break-up with Brad Sousa and how being motivated to make the video became difficult.

“Me speaking of committing to anything for a week is really hard for me,” she explained. “I’m going through a break-up right now and what other YouTuber would turn ‘I dress like Billie Eilish for a week into my breakup’. So, I’ve been really unmotivated to film this video because i’m not that happy. I knew that editing the footage would be like me and Brad and it would make me really sad.”

In case you missed it, Tana recently (and savagely) edited all the Instagram captions on her photos of Brad and they are hilarious.

It’s not the first time Tana has shown her appreciation of Billie. Back in November, she went to Billie’s show in LA and posted a photo to Instagram “bowing down” to her after meeting her backstage.

She’s also tweeted about her before, writing: "i spend every second of my free time watching billie eilish performances and interviews" and "when billie eilish isn’t active on instagram i feel empty".

Same tbh, Tana, same.