Tana Mongeau edited ex Brad Sousa out of her new video and we’re SCREAMING

30 May 2019, 13:07

Tana Mongeau / Brad Sousa
Tana Mongeau / Brad Sousa. Picture: Instagram: @tanamongeau

By Rachel Finn

She's got another comeback for ex-boyfriend Brad Sousa.

Tana Mongeau has been pretty busy this week - what with getting matching tattoos to celebrate her five week ‘anniversary’ with Jake Paul and everything - but she’s also found time to think up another amusing way to get her own back on her ex Brad Sousa.

In Tana’s latest video, she takes her fandom of Billie Eilish to the next level by dressing like the pop star for a week.

But fans were quick to spot another funny addition to the video. Each time Tana’s ex Brad appeared in the frame, she edited him out of the video by covering up his face with a clown emoji. Every time she mentioned his name, she dubbed it over with a voice clip of her saying 'Jake' instead.

It’s not the first time Tana has got her own back on Brad in a funny way. She previously edited all the captions on photos of the couple together on their Instagram to hilarious results.

In the video, Tana also addresses the couple’s recent break-up and how it made getting motivated to make the video difficult.

“Me speaking of committing to anything for a week is really hard for me,” she said. “I’m going through a break-up right now and what other YouTuber would turn ‘I dress like Billie Eilish for a week' into my breakup. So, I’ve been really unmotivated to film this video because I’m not that happy. I knew that editing the footage would be like me and Brad and it would make me really sad.”

In case you need a re-cap, Tara previously posted an emotional video called “i got cheated on but that’s ok”, where she explains she broke up with Brad after she discovered his infidelity. Brad then followed it up with his own video, confirming that a lot of what Tana said was true, adding: “I did Snapchat a few girls from back home and they did send me nudes and I did reply, I did. I was drunk, stupid, didn't realise what was going on - regardless I was an idiot."

In other news, Tana recently announced she’ll be appearing at VidCon for the first time ever as a Featured Creator, one year after she tried (and mostly failed) to launch her own rival event TanaCon.