Tana Mongeau's wild outfit won Coachella this year

16 April 2019, 16:16

tana mongeau coachella outfit 2019
Picture: Instagram: Tana Mongeau
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

Tana's outfit at Coachella this year was the definition of EXTRA.

Tana Mongeau is the living embodiment of 'go hard or go home' - and this year's Coachella proved to be no exception.

Much like her fellow creator James Charles, Tana left little to the imagination as she hit the festival, sporting a star shaped bra (which we will call a Star Bra™), which seemed to be constructed from string, felt and pure tension. In a way it was more of a concept than a bra.

And, again like James Charles, Tana took a lighter approach to clothing on her southern side.

Tana paired the Star Bra™ with some chaps, black boots and a black thong?! A look. Truly. Coachella has never seen so much of a serve.

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tana mongeau coachella bra outfit pics
Picture: Instagram: Tana Mongeau

Tana is, of course, no stranger to turning lewks - and heads - at Coachella. Last year, she wore a Discount Universe sequin bikini (similar to Kylie Jenner's iconic 2016 serve) and a variety of other... bikinis.

Her efforts in 2019 had the internet absolutely GAGGED.

As Kent Brockman once said" "I guess you could say, this barely qualifies as news".