Wait, WHY Was Tana Mongeau Arrested At Coachella?!

25 April 2017, 10:43 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 16:24

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Here's everything we could piece together of the mystery.

Tana Mongeau is no stranger to drama and her life seems to be a series of unfortunate events that her fans honestly cannot get enough of. So, when she rolled up at Coachella for its second weekend, absolutely no one was surprised when Tana didn't just go and party with all her friends... she had to get and get freaking arrested.

Very little is known about why she was arrested, aside from what she has tweeted (and retweeted) from her fans. But here is everything we know so far, and don't worry, this article will be updated when her inevitable story time video gets uploaded to YouTube once she's free/home/finished her community service (who knows, honestly).

Firstly, this is how Tana broke the news that she had been arrested at Coachella.


So far, no one has been able to find any records of her arrest or any evidence of the "paparazzi [who] took [her] pics in handcuffs" - honestly we don't even know how this information can be found, but apparently all avenues have been exhausted. The only piece of information we have going forward is that apparently she was totally innocent: "I just got arrested, detained and cited a ticket at Coachella for something I didn't do".

She has since retweeted friends Ricky Dillon and Trevor Moran who witnessed her arrested and were apparently totally "shook" after thinking it was "like one dramatic episode of a crazy reality show". Tana has also asked to speak to fans who "met" her "before or after my f*cking arrest", we can only assume to cover up the story so Tana can tell the story herself on YouTube.

But don't worry guys, if the mugshot ever does come out, Tana is gonna look fierce in it.

Lastly, Lorde was involved with the whole Coachella arrest saga after Tana retweeted a fan saying that the "best thing that happened tonight was during Lorde hearing Trevor yell from behind me that Tana Mongeau got arrested". We bet they were working together and we have reached out to Lorde's team to crack this case wide open. Stay woke kids, we'll get to the bottom of this.


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