TanaCon Events CEO Slams Tana Mongeau: “She Would Just Tweet And We'd Have To Abide By It"

30 June 2018, 16:25

Good Times CEO Michael Weist
Good Times CEO Michael Weist. Picture: Various

By Josh Lee

The CEO of Good Times, the events company who organised TanaCon, have slammed Tana Mongeau over promises she made to fans online in the lead up to the event.

Last weekend, the inaugural TanaCon was forced to close due to capacity issues at the conventions venue. Both Tana and Good Times initially said that over 15,000 - 20,000 unregistered guests showed up expecting to get in, but a statement released by police who were called to deal with the overcrowding contradicted this, suggesting that the number of unregistered guests was only around the 1,000 mark, leading to accusations of overselling.

As well as capacity issues, guests who paid over $65 for a VIP ticket claimed that their VIP goody bags were no where near quadruple the value of the ticket, as Tana promised in a tweet. Now, in an interview with Shane Dawson, Good Times CEO Michael Weist has criticised Tana for promising more than his company could deliver.

“Tana would basically give us all these things things to deal with - ‘I’m going to meet 5,000 people’ - how the f*ck is Tana going to stand there and meet 5000 people?” Michael told Shane.

“Tana would be like - ‘the gift bag is going to be four times what it is’ - the gig’s in two weeks Tana, how are we going to do that? I can’t order products from China, or here or where, to get it into a goody bag in time. I can’t call a sponsor to give us that in a week. You can, Tana. Maybe you can call such and such... help us.

“She would just tweet and we’d have to abide by it.”