Tana Mongeau Addresses Her Hacked Finsta Account

25 September 2018, 14:39

tana mongeau finsta manchester bombing joke
Picture: YouTube: Tana Mongeau
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

Tana has admitted to using the fake Instagram account

Tana Mongeau has issued a response after a fake Instagram (or 'finsta') account was linked to her, which appeared to contain highly offensive messages.

The account featured a post which appeared to show the owner (which people say is Tana) and a friend (Imari Stuart) making a joke about Ariana Grande and the 2017 Manchester Arena Bombing. The post shows a fake Snapchat screenshot of Ariana Grande with the caption ’22 people just died at my concert omg // goodnight streaks.’

Celebs and public figures will sometimes make 'Finsta' accounts in order to be able to use social media without the constant scrutiny of fans and the public.

Tana had previously addressed the account in a series of tweets

Tana initially responded to the backlash by posting a series of tweets, in which she admitted that the account used to be hers but now is not controlled by her.

She insisted it was not her that posted the joke about the Manchester bombing, saying that: "The fact that i even have to say this makes me sad. Yes at one point that finsta was my acct but so many of those captions and posts were not me & i haven't had that acct for awhile now."

She expanded on these comments in a new video

In a new video called 'clearing some things up', in which she also apologised about her controversial comments about her relationship with Mac Miller, Tana talks about how she was previously hacked and had a lot of personal information leaked.

It was this hacking that revealed the existence of Tana's 'finsta'. She says she made it originally for a video. She says she posted on there as a joke for a video she was working on. She is keen to emphasise that it was never meant to be a serious account, it was never even really meant to be secret.

Tana says her hackers then started to upload random things to her finsta, including sensitive information. Tana says she was worried that they would upload something that would make her look bad and then link it to her - and then, that appears to have happened.

The bottom line, she says, is that the account was only ever intended to be a joke - and while some of the photos are hers (they were stolen pics that were put there by hacked) - the offensive stuff posted on there was nothing to do with her, including the Ariana screenshot.

"I'm going to flat out say to you - I did not say that."

Tana takes thing broader, saying: "I'm going to make so many more horrible mistakes in my life" and emphasising that she's only 20 and has a lot of growing left to do.