Tana Mongeau reveals the inside of her new mansion and it's wild

7 January 2019, 12:44

tana mongeau house tour
Picture: YouTube: Tana Mongeau
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

Tana opened her doors to let fans glimpse inside her YouTube mansion

Tana Mongeau has invited viewers to take a look inside her house - and it's safe to say that YouTube money is clearly rolling in.

Tana, who was sporting some of her own 'Cancelled' merch, welcomed viewers Cribs-style at the door and then lead us to the back garden.

Tana doesn't shy away from how fancy her house is, flashing some important stats on screen right at the outset:

- 6,000 sqft

- 6 bedrooms

- 6.5 baths

- Olympic sized swimming pool

Yep, we reckon that'll do nicely.

Over the course of the rest of the... sigh... 25 minute long video (remember when YouTube videos used to be like, 3 minutes long?) Tana shows us around her spacious open-plan home. She showcases her many bedrooms, bathrooms, communal areas and even gaming spaces. An architectural treat for one and all!!!!!

Here's a little visual tour of some of the luxuries you can find in the Chateau de Mongeau. (Tana Chateau?)

A look at one of Tana's many bathrooms

tana mongeau bathroom
Picture: YouTube: Tana Mongeau

Tana's walk-in closet

Stuffed to the brim. She really loves hoodies.

tana mongeau's closet
Picture: Tana Mongeau

A fun circular sofa with a view of the pool

So circular! Wonderful!

tana mongeau sofa
Picture: YouTube: Tana Mongeau

A peek at the kitchen

Where we imagine Tana loves to pop in and whip up a variety of gourmet dishes.

tana mongeau kitchen
Picture: YouTube: Tana Mongeau

A closer look at the pool

The camera person never actually just films the pool for some reason, but I managed to get this one relatively clear shot, because I care about you.

tana mongeau house pool
Picture: YouTube: Tana Mongeau

A sample of Tana's stunning views

The house has plenty of natural light.

Tana Mongeau house view
Picture: YouTube: Tana Mongeau

It's a pretty impressive pad and easily competes with other luxurious YouTuber houses we've seen, like Zoe and Alfie's Brighton pad and the absolutely overwhelming Team 10 house.

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