Tana Mongeau calls out 'biphobic' press coverage of her relationships with Bella Thorne and Jake Paul

12 July 2019, 16:23

By Jazmin Duribe

"Being bisexual is never good enough for the media."

Tana Mongeau has just called out the differences in how the media covered her relationship with Bella Thorne compared to her current romance with Jake Paul. Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul recently announced their whirlwind engagement (FYI, no, they're definitely not married yet) following her messy split from Brad Sousa. Meanwhile, Tana Mongeau and Bella Thorne were in a polyamorous relationship for one-year before parting ways in February.

A complete timeline of Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul's relationship so far

The YouTuber headed to Twitter to vent her frustrations about reporting on her relationships. She tweeted: "it’s so funny when I was dating Bella every press outlet would be so quick to call us best friends & disvalidate our relationship but the second we break up and are both only dating men every press outlet only refers to us as exes."

Bella Thorne, Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul.
Bella Thorne, Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul. Picture: Getty

Bella obviously agreed with what Tana had said because she posted a screenshot of the tweet on her Instagram account, with the caption: "Wowowowowowowowowowo."

Tana wasn't done yet, though, she followed up her initial tweet with another calling out a now-deleted post from The Daily Mail. The article accused Tana and Jake (dubbed Jana by fans) of pulling a fake "marriage" photo shoot, which was actually just their engagement shoot. The headline read: "Revealed: Bella Throne's ex Tana Mongeau's 'marriage' photo shoot with Jake Paul was just a stunt."

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She tweeted: "1. thorne 2. hi i’m tana not just someone’s ex 3. just an engagement shoot. not a stunt. 4. should i start writing these articles for you? i would slay it!" Well then...

Tana's fans stoop up for her and criticised the media for not being LGBTQ+ friendly.

What do you think? Do you agree with Tana?