A complete timeline of Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul's relationship so far

25 June 2019, 15:22 | Updated: 2 July 2019, 15:31

Tana Mongeau Jake Paul
Tana Mongeau Jake Paul. Picture: Presley Ann/Getty Images for Fashion Nova, via Instagram

By Rachel Finn

The definitive guide to how Jana became YouTube's latest 'power couple'.

In case you missed it, Tana Mongeau celebrated her 21st birthday this week (June 24th) and it very quickly also became an engagement party of sorts after Jake Paul proposed to her with a huge cake spelling out ‘Will you marry me Tana?’ and a ring.

But if you have whiplash from how quick their relationship seems to have progressed, you’re not alone. Yup, Tana and Jake have managed to get together, get serious and get engaged in the time it takes some of us (definitely not me) to download a dating app and go on precisely 2-4 dates with someone before being ghosted - again! - despite being a *true catch*.

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Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul just got matching tattoos
Tana Mongeau posts video with her "rebound" Jake Paul

Now, for everyone unlucky in love, we’re dying to know: How did Tana and Jake create the relationship of our dreams? When did it start and how did they end up together? And, let’s be honest, are they really even actually together at all? (For real, is this a clout thing?)

Let us take a trip along the timeline of Jana’s relationship to see how their ‘true love’ came to be…

November 2018 - Jake Paul and ex-girlfriend Erika Costell break up

Prior to ‘Jana’, Jake Paul was in a relationship with YouTuber and model Erika Costell and the pair dated for around 7 months. At the time of the break-up, Jake posted a length, heartfelt message to Twitter calling Erika “a beautiful soul” and saying that she changed his life. “While it was truly a heartbreaking decision” he said, “it is the healthiest thing for both of us”.

25th April 2019 - Tana snapchats from Jake’s bed

Meanwhile, Tana was previously dating Brad Sousa from late 2018 to April 2019, but on the 25th April she posted the below Snapchat. Eagle-eyed fans were quick to notice Jake Paul’s headboard in the photo, meaning Tana was hanging out in Jake's bed and possibly confirming rumours that her and Brad had broken up.

Tana Mongeau Snapchat
Tana Mongeau Snapchat. Picture: Snapchat: @tanamongeau1

On the same day, Jake Paul posted a vlog where he reveals that he met Tana at a party, after his friend accused him of flirting with her. “I don’t remember any of this happening, but she’s cute,” he replied.

28th April - Tana admits she was cheated on by her ex Brad.

In a YouTube video, Tana admits her and Brad broke up because cheated on her. In the video called “I got cheated on but that’s ok”, she explains that he cheated on her “a lot” and she found out while at Coachella.

"I would never have made this public at all... a lot of crazy shit went down at Coachella and during it all I ended up finding out a lot of really fucked up stuff," she said, holding back the tears.

30th April - Jana become... Twitter official?

Jake and Tana apparently start spending more time together, as confirmed by Tana tweeting ‘wake up @jakepaul’. Some fans are happy for them. Some are confused. One reply to the tweet, liked almost 2,000 times, says ‘when we said you deserve better this isn’t what we meant’. Oop.

1st May - Tana posts a video with her “rebound” Jake Paul.

Tana posted an Instagram pic of Jake bending down to tie her shoelace, along with the caption: "new video with my rebound 😍😍😍 link in bio to join us in bed ;)"

The video with “rebound” Jake begins by calling Jake her 'friend' and features the pair sat on a bed having a chat about life. The pair joke about having a 'clout relationship' and call the video a 'clout-lab'. At this point, we’re pretty much all assuming the pair are having a “relationship” for lolz. Which takes us to...

11th May - The “Paul Family”

You know how the rhyme goes! First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the…24-hour babysitting challenge with my fake wife. Erm...

On 11th May, Jake and Tana take their relationship to the “next level” by becoming a nuclear family for the day, babysitting two children to test out family life. Predictably, it’s really stressful, but at least they can give them back at the end of the day, right?

28th May - Jake and Tana get matching tattoos.

What says love more than permanent ink on your body that you can never remove? Absolutely nothing, which is why on the 28th May Tana and Jake took the very real step of getting matching tattoos of tally graphs, with a mark for each of the seven weeks they’ve been together.

14th June - Couples Photoshoot

Jake and Tana both post photos from this couple’s photoshoot, where they’re dressed up as Harley Quinn and The Joker.

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23rd June - Birthday! Car! Engagement!

The big day is here! Tana begins her 21st birthday celebrations by receiving a wildly expensive car from Jake, despite the fact she can’t really drive.

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happy birthday bb @tanamongeau video tomorrow

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The couple and friends later head out on a big night in Las Vegas and Jake proposes (we think) to Tana with a ring and an extra AF cake.

And, according to Tana on Twitter, the engagement is *actually* real and her tweets have been… interesting, to say the least.

Fine. We're sold. #JANA4EVER.