Tana Mongeau tricks Jake Paul into believing she’s pregnant in new video

24 July 2019, 13:13

Tana Mongeau Jake Paul
Tana Mongeau Jake Paul. Picture: Presley Ann / Stringer (Getty) // Tana Mongeau YouTube

By Staff

He really did seem to believe her...

Tana Mongeau manages to convince Jake Paul that she’s pregnant in her latest video.

Tana Mongeau isn’t generally known for pulling pranks in her videos, so for her first big prank she decided to go all out and (falsely) convince her fiancé Jake Paul that she’s pregnant.

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Even going as far as buying a prank pregnancy test that always shows a positive result, Tana shared how she was nervous about the video as she was a “bad actress”, but she seemed to do a pretty good job.

Filming the conversation where she tells Jake the big news via a hidden camera, he seems to believe her, almost crying and saying he might be up for keeping the baby, but that he’d have to give his mum a call first… before Tana reveals the whole thing is a joke, saying: “Yeah, maybe we should call your mom... and tell her this was a PRANK!”

Jake looks pretty relieved at the news, before getting angry at her for stressing him out, before running out of the room yelling ‘I’m not the father!’ in celebration.

Tana then celebrates by proclaiming she deserves a “Grammy” for her excellent acting skills... Um...

Jake and Tana started dating in April this year and got engaged just a few weeks after, before revealing at VidCon via a poem that they’re planning to go through with the wedding pretty soon with the date for the big day set for 28th July.

They previously sparked rumours when they both posted a suspiciously wedding-like photoshoot online, but quickly revealed it was only an engagement photoshoot. But with the actual wedding just days away (we can’t believe they might actually go through with this after all?!), it looks like we’ll be able to see some actual wedding content very soon.