Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul just got matching tattoos

29 May 2019, 17:36

Tana Mongeau / Jake Paul
Tana Mongeau / Jake Paul. Picture: Presley Ann / Stringer (Getty)

By Staff

This seems… risky.

Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau have been dropping heavy hints that they’re most definitely an item over the past few weeks, but they’ve recently taken their relationship to the next level by taking the very permanent step of getting matching tattoos.

It all started when each of them started posting a series of tweets hinting that they’d be getting - and that they’d later got - matching ink done. Both of them already have a variety of tattoos, with Tana having matching ones with her exes Bella Thorne and Hunter Moreno.

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But until Jake’s latest video, we couldn’t know for sure whether they’d actually gone through with it.

In Jake Paul’s latest video, all is revealed, and it seems they actually DID get matching tattoos.

After going through some potential options for the tattoos (‘Sociopath’ and the Social Blade logo get the cut pretty quickly), they decide to both get tally graphs, with a mark for every week they’ve been together.

This, of course, provides some logistical issues. What if you end up staying together for a really long time? Do you just keep adding to the tattoo? What happens if you break up?

"So if Jake hooked up with another girl, would you take off a Tally Mark?" Tana is asked in the video. She replies: "No, we'd add an extra one if she's above a 7, dap me up brotha!"

Well, at least they’ve thought this through, right?

Tana released a video earlier today in which she dressed like Billie Eilish for a week. Jake Paul, meanwhile, recently came under fire for trying to hire an unpaid intern, despite being worth millions.