TanaCon Event CEO Starts New Business While Fans Still Await Refunds

16 August 2018, 16:14 | Updated: 16 August 2018, 16:17

Michael Weist
Michael Weist. Picture: GTTV

By Mia Collins

Michael Wiest, CEO of Good Times Entertainment (more affectionately known as ‘that blonde guy on a Segway who organised TanaCon’) has introduced his latest business venture: Good Times TV.

Michael is best known as the organiser of TanaCon, Tana Mongeau's 2018 YouTuber convention that was shut down after just one day, after overcrowding issues left thousands of young people stranded in the Californian heat.

Creators were left confused when they received emails regarding the new project - a streaming platform that rivals YouTube in terms of both content and monetisation. Meanwhile, many attendees still await refunds from the TanaCon disaster, in which YouTuber Tana Mongeau attempted to run her own convention but it was shut down after a single day.

The email, which was shared by YouTuber Loey Lane, make no mention of TanaCon, or the alleged "bankruptcy" Michael claimed he suffered as a result of the ill-fated convention.

Tana quickly responded to screenshots of the email on Twitter, claiming that she had no involvement in Good Times TV and was “disgusted to see it”.

She went on to tweet “how does one have the money to start a whole ass tv company & was claiming bankruptcy like five minutes ago lmao & like what r u gonna put on ur tv network? hahahahaha”

Weist responded to Tana’s comments though text messages, which she proceeded to post on her Twitter page with the caption “i'm living in a simulation lmao”. She even suggested making merch out of the texts. Wild.

It gets wilder, as fans were quick to point out that starting a new business didn’t really align with Michael’s claims of bankruptcy, especially considering that many people are still waiting for their TanaCon tickets to be refunded.

Michael was quick to respond on Twitter, alleging that Good Times TV has been in the works for years, and that it is now up to Tana to provide any remaining refunds. He also claims that Good Times Live, the company that was responsible for the TanaCon event, has now been closed.

Somebody get Shane Dawson on the phone, ‘cause I’m thinking his Tanacon series could do with a part 4.