Tana Mongeau got her nipple pierced and had a complete meltdown

24 July 2019, 16:30 | Updated: 24 July 2019, 16:50

By Jazmin Duribe

Um, at this point, is there anything Tana won't share with us!?!

Tana Mongeau has never been one to put a filter on her YouTube videos, or her personal life. So, why wouldn't she share the moment she had her nipple pierced with the world? The YouTuber got her nipple pierced in the latest episode of her MTV reality show No Filter: Tana Turns 21 and, honestly, you'll scream.

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The episode begins with Tana chilling in the bath with her mate Imari, you know, as you do. She begins to tell him she's getting her nipples pierced but was advised by her then "friend" (but now soon-to-be husband!) Jake Paul to only get one nipple done.

"Yo so I think I'm going to get my nipples pierced," she said. "I'm thinking just one. Well, no, I was going to get two but then Jake, the other day randomly, like he didn't even know I was getting my nipples pierced, we were just having a conversation about piercings and he like just went on this tangent about how two nipple piercings are slutty but one nipple piercing was edgy." Right…

Tana Mongeau on MTV show/nipple piercing.
Tana Mongeau got her nipple pierced and had a complete meltdown. Picture: YouTube:MTV/Instagram:@tanamongeau

Anyway, she headed over to the piercing shop with her roommate Ashley and Imari. She even brought her manager Jordan along for the ride too, because, why not? Doesn't everyone do that?

Tana watched as Imari got his tragus (that lil' flap on the inner side of the ear) pierced, after he had rejected the piercing for years because he thought it was "gay". Now comfortable with his sexuality, and after a strong word from the piercer, who advised that a piercing has nothing to do with your sexual preference, he had it done.

He took it like a trooper to be fair, but Tana? Yeah...not so much. To put it simply, she has an absolute meltdown and shifted from hysterically crying to hysterically laughing, screaming and trying to run away because of her "sensitive nipples".

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It was over in seconds but the real pain began at home. The throbbing piercing appeared to be causing a lot of pain for poor Tana, who even had to cancel her "dick appointment". The things you do for fashion, eh?

Later, Tana shared a very NSFW image to her Instagram page showing off her bandaged boob whilst holding a box of band aids. She wrote: "In honor of yesterday’s episode of Tana Turns 21... enough said. out now on @mtv... felt pierced might delete later."

Well, you can't knock her, she definitely has no filter.