Tana Mongeau Just Got Ordained And She'll Marry You At Tanacon

15 June 2018, 12:39 | Updated: 15 June 2018, 12:50

Tana Mongeau
Tana Mongeau. Picture: Cindy Ord / Stringer

By Josh Lee

Fans are desperate to see one YouTube couple get married in particular

Tana Mongeau has been ordained as a minister so she can marry attendees at her upcoming YouTuber convention, TanaCon.

"You guys I just got fucking ordained so I can marry people at my convention... I am now dead ass officially a minister," Tana tweeted in June 15th.

Fans got in touch to ask Tana to marry them at TanaCon, but the YouTuber pairing most fans wanted to see married was, of course, Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams.

TanaCon is set to take place in Anaheim, California on June 22nd and 23rd. The YouTube convention was created after Tana accused VidCon of refusing to make her a Featured Creator after assuring her she would be for the 2018 convention. In response, every creator at Tana Con will be a Featured Creator, according to the convention's website. Tickets are $40 fro general admission.

Included in the YouTubers currently booked to appear at TanaCon are:

Tana Mongeau
Shane Dawson
Bella Thorne
Ricky Dillon
Elijah Daniel
The Gabbie Show
Mario Selman
Ashly Schwan
Imari Stuart
Christine Sydelko
Lena The Plug
Call Me Karizma
Chris Klemens
Emma Chamberlain
Corinna Kopf
Bradlee Wannemacher
Loey Lane
Zane Hijazi
Scotty Sire
Kristen McAtee
Heath Hussar
Matt King
Toddy Smith
Jackson Krecioch
Nate Garner
Cody Herbinko
Wesley Tucker
Karlee Steel
Dr. Woke
Rickey Thompson
Jack Baran
The Bell Twins
Conner Bobay
Raphael Gomes
Sarah Baska
Juwany Roman
Jeanine Amapola
Zach Clayton (BadZach)
Danielle Cohn
Matthew Taylor
Cloe Couture
Griffin Arnlund
Oscar Wilde (Caked Up)
Kylie Rae
Aaron Fuller
Lauren Godwin
Lisa Schwartz
Kyra Santoro
Weston Koury
Taylor Alesia
Morgan Adams
Carrington Durham
Andrew Siwicki
Brittany Balyn
Nathalie Paris
Ryland Adams
Aaron Melloul
Jazmine Garcia
Jonas Bridges
Cody Ko
Derek Kildall
Nikki Blackketter
Infinite Lists
Jessie Paege
Papa Jake
Brandon Rogers
Tyler Brown
Justin Blake
Pretty Much
Nicolette Gray
Kiera Bridget
Anna Campbell
Tanner Braungardt
Jac Doherty
Mahogany LOX