Tana Mongeau hits back at criticism of her 'sexy Jojo Siwa' Halloween costume

2 November 2018, 11:27

tana mongeau jojo siwa halloween costume
Picture: Instagram: Tana Mongeau
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

Tana spoke out after fans criticised one of her Halloween costumes.

Tana Mongeau has posted a response after she was widely criticised for going as 'Hoe Hoe Siwa' for Halloween.

One of the costumes that the YouTuber and musician wore this All Hallows Eve was a 'sexy' version of fellow YouTuber Jojo Siwa... who is 15 years old. Naturally people felt this was inappropriate and tantamount to sexualising a child. This contrasts with other YouTubers, who tended to stick to normal or funny costumes, like 'an apology video'.

This follows another costume she premiered - the VidCon CEO, which proved controversial with the man himself, but was enjoyed by fans.

Take a look at the costume here:

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Mongeau Siwa

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Fans were quick to say that they felt this was inappropriate and strange.

Following the backlash, Tana has now posted a response.

Taking to Twitter, Tana wrote:

"hey guys! saw some tweets about my Jojo costume and I just wanna clarify before things get crazy- Jojo is a great friend of mine & I would never intend to sexualize HER, I literally think that anything like that is gross as fuck. It was just like a slutty schoolgirl costume..."

"girl scout, or cheerleader to me. I totally didn't see it that way and would never want to! I LOVE Jojo and making crazy halloween costumes and she was telling me to do it! just wanted to let u know my standpoint on that before I see anything else".

When someone asked Shane Dawson to un-retweet a picture of Tana in costume he apologised, saying:

"i obviously didn’t think of it that way and i’m sorry. i just love jojo and tana so i thought it was funny and i loved that she dressed up as her cause they are both friends of mine. ❤️"

A sentiment Tana agreed with, saying:

"100% same jojo was telling me to do it! don't wanna send any bad message i love her and didn't think of it that way!"

People had mixed reactions to this explanation

But what do you think? Do you accept Tana's explanation or do you still have a problem with the costume?