Tana Mongeau wore a 'sexy Jojo Siwa' Halloween costume and fans aren't impressed

1 November 2018, 13:14

tana mongeau jojo siwa costume pic
Picture: Instagram
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

A sexy version of a 15-year-old is... questionable

Tana Mongeau debuted yet another costume on Halloween night. After the success of her TanaCon CEO costume, which proved both hilarious and controversial, Tana decided to impersonate yet another whimsical internet personality - Jojo Siwa.

Or, as Tana dubbed herself due to her distinct lack of clothing - 'Hoe Hoe Siwa'.

Reaction to the costume was generally very negative, mainly due to the fact that Jojo Siwa is... 15-years-old, and doing a 'sexy' version of a 15-year-old is really odd, to say the least. Whatever Tana's intentions may have been, it's the blatant sexualisation of a child.

Twitter did not hold back.

It may be an instance of someone (Jojo) have such an outsized personality that people (Tana) start to forget that she is, you know, a real person - and a young, underage person at that. Whatever the case, we just got a fax from the Chief and he's actually not very certain this is it.

What do you think of the costume? And which YouTube do you think won Halloween this year?