TanaCon Shutting Down “Due To 15,000 Extra Guests” Isn't True, Police Say

29 June 2018, 12:26

TanaCon. Picture: other

By Josh Lee

New information from the authorities pokes a MAJOR hole in Tana's version of events.

A statement issued by police present at TanaCon has raised serious questions about Tana Mongeau's claims that 15,000 unregistered guests caused TanaCon to close after one day.

Last weekend, Tana Mongeau's inaugural YouTuber convention was abandoned after overcrowding lead to the convention venue going over capacity, raising fire safety concerns. At the time, both Tana Mongeau and Good Times, the events company looking after TanaCon, claimed that this was the result of 15,000 - 20,000 unregistered guests arriving at the convention; however, the City of Garden Grove police department, who were called to deal with the overcrowding, have said that this estimation is inaccurate.

In a statement published on June 26th, the police said:

"The police supervisors on-scene estimated the crowd was between 4000-5000 people. Social media sites said the crowd was 20,000 and this was not accurate."

Why is this important?

If we assume that the venue was at its maximum capacity of 1150 when police estimated the size of the crowd outside, that means there could have only been around 6,150 people in the area at most. Considering Tana sold around 5,000 tickets, that means only around 1,150 unregistered guests turned up - less than 10% of Tana's most conservative estimation.

What this implies it that TanaCon wasn't just overcrowded - it was oversold.

The revelation has lead to fans declaring TanaCon a "scam"

Neither Tana or Good Times have responded to these fresh claims.