Tana Mongeau Thought It Would Be “Really Cool” To Have People Stuck Outside At Tanacon

3 July 2018, 12:43

Tana Mongeau
Tana Mongeau. Picture: Various

By Josh Lee

Overcrowding was a key factor in TanaCon shutting down.

New footage from Shane Dawson's three-part investigation into TanaCon suggests that Tana Mongeau and Good Times planned for crowds to have to wait outside to enter the convention.

In the footage, taken from a meeting between Tana and Good Times CEO Michael Weist, Tana is seen agreeing to selling 5,200 tickets. She says, "it would be really, really cool to have people, like, outside waiting to get in," before adding, "people love to feel oppressed outside."

In the wake of TanaCon's cancellation, both Tana and Good Times blamed overcrowding for the event's sudden closure. With this in mind, this footage directly implicates both Tana and Michael in the convention's failure.

Responding to the footage online, Shane Dawson said that Tana was "just kidding" when she made these remarks, adding that she "meant more like waiting to get into a concert & building anticipation." However, it was through this attempt at "building anticipation" that crowding issues arose, which eventually contributed to the event shutting down after one day.

Watch Tana's full interview with Shane below: