Tana Mongeau Finally Got An Apology From VidCon's Founder

5 July 2018, 11:39

Tana Mongeau
Tana Mongeau. Picture: Tana Mongeau

By Josh Lee

VidCon co-founder and former CEO Hank Green has published a lengthy statement on Reddit apologising for the way the convention treated Tana Mongeau at the 2016 and 2017 events.

In April this year, Tana shared a lengthy video to YouTube, accusing VidCon of going back on their promise to make her a featured creator at the convention, which she alleged lead to VidCon staff kicking her out of the 2017 when fans crowded her. It was this experience that led to Tana creating the now infamous TanaCon.

Admitting that he "100% screwed up," Hank said in the statement, "Tana was part of our content, and not making her a featured creator was a bad call. If we were going to have her doing content, she should have been a featured creator. We were being conservative because of some things that Tana had done and said in the past, but we should either have had her there or not.... not that shitty in-between thing. This isn't the first time we screwed up, and it won't be the last. This is a hard business, and I'm not saying 'Oh, Tanacon is all my fault!' but I think it's important to recognize when we make mistakes regardless of the mistakes other people made."

While Hank admitted that VidCon made mistakes, he also called Tana out for calling out members of VidCon staff by name, which, at the time, led to fans harassing 2016 VidCon's guest manager, Laura Chernikoff: "those people were just doing their jobs in a difficult situation that i put them in," he wrote.

Read Hank's full statement below: