Here's Exactly Why Tana Mongeau Was Arrested - And Yes, It's Weird As Hell

3 May 2017, 11:44 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 16:24

We the Unicorns

By Benedict Townsend

Tana has finally taken to YouTube to explain precisely how she managed to get arrested at Coachella. Here's all the facts

Tana Mongeau has revealed precisely why it is that she was arrested at Coachella and it's just as zany as you would hope and expect. The story time YouTuber took to the 'Tube to give her viewers the lowdown on how she managed to get locked up at what must be (in theory) one of the most chill places on earth.

It's a 21 minute long video - sorry, a 21 minute long video that I watched the entirety of for this article (feel free to mail me some medals), but we can compress the facts down to this:

  • She was at a bar in Coachella. They went to get non-alcoholic drinks.
  • A bar tender recognised her from YouTuber and offered her and her friends alcoholic drinks.
  • They said they were okay, but the bar tender was insistent so they took the drinks.
  • The second she lifts the straw to her lips, 'like four' undercover cops appear and surround her
  • She didn't realise they were cops because they were undercover - one was even wearing a flower crown
  • Tana apologises and says she will throw it away
  • One cop said: 'maybe you shouldn't be drinking a drink if you're Google-able Tana'
  • Tana admits she was completely at fault
  • The cops handcuff her
  • They ask her about the bar tender and say that if she was still there, she would be arrested instead of Tana - but she was gone
  • They take her to a special jail within Coachella
  • They question her for an hour
  • They write her a ticket
  • They take her fingerprints and take a mugshot
  • Then she's finally let back into Coachella

As a result of one of the more quirky elements of the story, #officerflowercrown began trending on Twitter. To get the full experience, we would of course recommend that you watch the whole video above.

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