Tessa Brooks Just Quit Team 10 And Fans Are LOVING IT

4 January 2018, 13:51

Tessa Brooks and Jake Paul
Tessa Brooks and Jake Paul. Picture: Team 10

By Josh Lee

Tessa Brooks announced her departure from Team 10 in a recent YouTube video

Tessa Brooks has parted ways with Team 10, according to a YouTube video released today.

In a video entitled "I Have Something To Tell You," Tessa - who had been in Jake Paul's social media squad for just over one year - said, “I just want to let you guys know that I am no longer in Team 10."

However the YouTuber and professional dancer refused to offer any details about the split at this stage, promising that she will "definitely explain more in a later video."

Tessa's departure comes following a tumultuous few months for Team 10, with a spate of negative press, threats of legal action and acrimonious splits - most recently the Martinez Twins, who left Team 10 after accusing Jake Paul of bullying and harassment. One of Team 10's longest-serving members, Tessa's departure is sure to sting Jake Paul, who is currently facing backlash after using a sexually inappropriate thumbnail to promote a recent vlog.

Lots of fans have reacted positively to Tessa's Team 10 departure

"Life is GREAT," one fan commented, while another questioned why someone as "nice" as Tessa was ever in Team 10 to begin with.

Between fan reactions to the news and the recent onslaught of negative press against the Paul brothers and Team 10, it looks as though Tessa Brooks got out just in the nick of time.