The ABCs Of #TeamInternet

7 January 2016, 14:51 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:13

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

We could not be happier to be a part of this fan club.

It's official, you are part of #TeamInternet. Just by reading this sentence and wanting to join in the global love fest for digital media creators you are already part of the most innovative and creative club the world has ever seen.

So without further ado, let's take a look at the ABC's of #TeamInternet and remember why we adore all our online faves.



Be it the Teen Choice Awards or the Streamy's, TeamInternet are absolutely slaying at the award game and we could not be prouder of their vast achievements! They're even beginning to host award shows as well - yaaas!



Yes, everyone on the Internet seems to be releasing a book at the moment - but dammit they're so good!! Keep the content coming guys, we absolutely love watching/reading/hearing your tips on how to better ourselves!



It's not all challenge videos and book launches. In fact, a large proportion of the largest YouTube channels work tirelessly hard to raise awareness and money for their chosen charities. It's not just FN@F's videos and Make-Up Tags y'know.



We just wanted to use this gif.



Only a few short years ago, internet personalities were just that - personalities. But now with people such as Lex (seen above), Zoella and SMOSH coming out with their own brand of clothes, make-up and movies, it's certainly time to see these vloggers turn into big time CEO's!



Forbes is essentially fame goals. If you mean anything at all in the way of culture, you will be on this list. Amazingly, at least in the past three years, YouTubers such as Grace Helbig, Harley Morenstein and now Lilly Singh have been featured on their '30 Under 30' list! SLAY!



Gaming channels have literally dominated YouTube for a couple of years now. Half of the 'Top Subscribed' channels are all gamers, and their influence has been over-whelming not just to their audience, but to the industry in general. Like them or loathe them, YouTube gamers are important.



So maybe it's not ACCURATE history but it's damn close! Smart people all over the Internet have used the digital world as a means to teach old history or create their own, and thanks to it's limitless archives, none of it will ever be forgotten!



The idea of indie developers, creators and producers pretty much didn't exist until the Internet came along and made sure that severely talented individuals could be seen by the masses. People like RocketJump quickly used it to their advantage by creating a YouTube channel that literally blows your socks off. 100% worth a watch.



If you look at the influence of the Green's, their search for justice and humanity in the world cannot be denied. The NerdFighters, DFTBA and Project for Awesome are all ways that the VlogBrothers have been able to utilise their TeamInternet popularity for the better in order to save the wider world.



'Kawaii' in this list comes to represent the global culture that is able to gain visibility thanks to TeamInternet. Beauty tutorials, cooking recipes, fashion trends, video games, movies, TV shows, even challenge videos - the internet has made the world a much closer place with every single country in the world having a chance to share the global spotlight.



We can't mention TeamInternet without sending massive love towards the Vine community! Their superb six second videos have completely revoluntionised the way we consume media, especially in regards to comedy shorts and viral trends. We're hooked!!



The single greatest place on the planet - YouTube Conventions!! It's a place to hang out with your fellow nerds, meet your idols and buy a metric crap tonne of merch. Heaven!



Never miss a trend again with the beautiful power of nostalgia when combined with the Internet! How else do you think #TBT became so popular?! People love reminiscing! And we know for a fact that you all go back and watch your favourite YouTube videos over and over and over again. Don't lie to us.



The world of TeamInternet is about as open and honest as chatting with your BFF over WhatsApp. We see our faves everyday. We hear their stories and share their life/memories. At times we see them at their worst, and it's here that we really come to respect YouTubers and Viners as more than the moguls we see on the web - but instead as real people.



What do you do when you've cleared your subscription box, read all your books and left the last YouTube convention of the year? Download all their podcasts of course! Take your faves everywhere you go and listen to their words of wisdom regardless of your internet connection! Podcasts really are the future.



At some point in time, every single YouTuber will have filmed a Q&A; video. The viewers back home want to know everything possible about their faves in order to ace the amazing quizzes right here on We The Unicorns - right? That's the only reason we watch them anyway...



Once a year, the magical world of YouTube bestows us all with a beautiful video stuffed full of memories, YouTubers and fantastic music. Without question, Rewind is our favourite part of every single year. Especially when Phan did THAT thing. You know what we're on about.



We've already addressed the fact that TeamInternet are more than happy to share their entire lives with you via their camera and your web browser, but what about when it comes to sexuality? 100% they do that too. 2015 was one of the biggest years for the 'Coming Out' video, with many of our YouTube faves opening up a dialogue on what it means to be part of the LGBTQA community. Inspiring.



TeamInternet may not be a correct phrase soon as more and more of our online friends make the gap between their digital space and the television world a little bit smaller. what's even more impressive it when big-time, mainstream celebrities start up their own channels alongside all our friends!!



The Internet is a powerful tool for 24/7 news broadcasting and capturing fascinating events exactly when they happen. Lucky people have been able to capture anything from meteor strikes to random acts of kindness and back again to cats doing stupid things. It's no wonder they call it the 'YouTube Sinkhole'.



Isn't it crazy to think that this word didn't exist until a few years ago?! The term 'video blogging' has come to represent the relatable side of our YouTube faves when we see them away from their main business channels but instead in their homes with friends. Vlogging is a fundamental rite of passage for a lot of YouTuber, with the likes of PewDiePie filming his entire trip to LA!



*cries disgustingly happy tears* Weddings are the best things in the whole wide world, okay?? So imagine how much more spectacular they can be when you get to see your YouTube idols marrying each other! In the past year alone we've seen Colleen/Josh, Tanya/Jim and Aspyn/Parker tie the knot in ceremonies that would put Pinterest to shame.



Look, X is a difficult letter okay? But by god is TeamInternet an extraordinary bunch of people. Funny videos. Thought provoking videos. Stupid videos. Viral videos. Clever videos. We cannot believe sometimes the quality of content that comes out of the Internet, which is why we proudly call ourselves big time fans of it all!



YouTube, while it only represents one part of TeamInternet, takes up a significant portion of it's popularity. YouTube has skyrocketed average people to the heights of A-List celebrities and brought with it an entirely new way to consume and create media. If anything, we can safely assume that the world would be a different place right now if YouTube wasn't created 10 years ago.



This is just a fancy word to say what is peak in popularity at any given moment in history. So we can say that in 2016, the zeitgeist is that of Internet stardom and accessibility. Which as you can tell by this entire article about TeamInternet is completely true. Long live the Internet!


Do you have any ideas of what deserves to be on our ABC list? Leave us a comment and let us know!