The Best Punk Edits Of Your YouTuber Faves

2 December 2015, 15:08 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:12

We the Unicorns

By Nessa Dinneen

God bless Tumblr.

If punk edits tell us anything, it's that there are some talented photoshoppers on Tumblr. Talented photoshoppers who also have absolutely nothing to do with their lives. (Can we blame you tbh).

We have no idea how the concept of punk edits came about but we're totally into it. We always figured that punk style is not for everyone but you'd never think that YouTubers would pull it off so well.

Prepare yourself to be overcome with how good Joe Sugg looks with sleeve tattoos and electric blue hair.


1). Punk Tyler

[source:] [source:] 


2). Punk Alfie 

[source: phanime] [source: phanime] 

3). Markipunk

Markipunk [source:] [source: geeklerr] 

4). Punk Connor 

Punk Connor [source:] [source: psshyeahitssara] 

5). Punk Zoella 

Punk Zoella [source:] [source: troyesdelrey] 

6). Punk Zalfie 

Punk Zalfie [source: Punk Zalfie [source: punkedited] 

7) Punk Troyler

Punk Troyler [source: punkd-edits] [source: punkd-edits] 

8). Punk Dan

Punk Dan [source: partyphanimal.tumblr] [source: partyphanimal] 

9). Phunk

Phunk [source:] [source: oursecondmoran] 

10). Punk Joe

Punk Joe [source:] [source: amazingphanisnotonpunk] 


What could be better than punk edits? Punk Edits done in real life of course. Enjoy :)