Throwback Thursday: 4 Viral Baby Videos To Make You Feel Old AF

22 October 2015, 16:33 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:11

We the Unicorns

By Nessa Dinneen

Aw, remember YouTube back in the good old days? The time of the glorious 5 star rating, before you had to sit through 30 second ads to watch a 10 second video and of course, making humans more famous than they could ever imagine. And for some, it all happened before they were even toilet-trained.

Imagine growing up and learning that mommy and daddy once pointed a camera at your face while you did the funny thing and since then, millions upon millions of people from all across the planet have been laughing at your infantile hilarity.

Prepare yourself for some serious nostalgia with this viral baby edition of YouTube Throwback Thursday!


1). Talking Twin Babies

Easily the most intense debate that you will ever witness, the viral Talking Twin Babies video still remains one of the greatest mysteries of the modern age. Ba daa ba da? BA DA BA DEE BAAAAA!


2). Baby gives evil eye!

Now THIS is a throwback. Going all the way back to 2007, the star of this video would now be 9 years old! We're not sure what's funnier about this viral video, the kid who has the eyebrow power of a Bond villain or his parents' hysterical reaction.


3). Emerson - Mommy's Nose Is Scary!

This child's reaction to his mother blowing her nose is not only responsible for some serious LOLs but has also been a goldmine for reaction pics over the last few years. Uploaded in 2011, his ability to go from being pure terrorised by the nose demon that has ensalved his mother, to a cackling hyena in 0.5 seconds never fails to entertain.


4). Charlie Bit My Finger 

Currently standing at a RIDICULOUS 829 million views, Charlie Bit My Finger was once the most viewed video on YouTube (thanks a lot Gangnam Style). It's nothing if not iconic. If you want to freak yourself out, Google what Charlie and Harry look like now.