How Many Celebs Can You Spot On Todrick Hall’s Channel?

22 August 2016, 15:03 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:19

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

There's more to Todrick than that boy from Oz!

We love celebrity spotting - in selfies, as extras in TV shows and even on a red carpet or two. So we've decided to play a little game with our readers to see if they can spot all the celebrity cameos on the best YouTube channel in the world for this game - Todrick Hall! Not only are his videos a pure delight to watch, but he seems to have a lot of famous friends eager to get on his channel...

Now if you wanna play this game properly, I'm gonna need you to NOT READ THE VIDEO TITLE. If you do, then just click away now because you've broken the game and my heart. I hope you're happy. But for everyone else willing to cooperate - let's do this!


1) First up is "Expensive", a song that promises to get lodged in your head for weeks at a time.


2) Look, you can see the cameo in the thumbnail - but can we please still acknowledge that this happened?!


3) The main protagonist of this video is fairly easy to spot, but what about the other two YouTubers wandering about on the boat? Let us know if you spot them.


4) Not only does this video make me massively eager to vote in WeHo, but it made my brain melt with all the celebrities I was able to hunt down and call out.


5) Who doesn't love a good Mean Girls parody?! See if you can track down and spot the old viral star and blonde drag bombshell in this hilarious video.


6) There was almost too many cameos in this video to count, but we selected seven that we think you should know for sure - yaaaaaaaas!


7) And finally, can you spot who plays Snow White and the Prince in this brilliant Seven Thugs parody? You'll never expect this YouTuber to make an appearance, but Todrick clearly can work magic!




1) "Expensive" features five of the fiercest drag acts on the planet; Willam, Alaska, Mariah, KimChi and Laganja.

2) "You Unfollowed Me" features the one and only Mr Joseph Gordon-Levitt in one of the best school uniforms we've ever seen.

3) "Titaniqua" features Jenna Marbles, GloZell, Timothy DeLaGhetto and Shanna Malcolm!

4) "Pretty Boys" features dozens and dozens of cameos, but our key spots were GloZell, Matthew Lush, Miles Jai, Brendan Jordan and another drag queen - Manila Luzon.

5) "Mean Boyz" is a tricky one, but we spotted Willam Belli and Chris Crocker hiding in there.

6) "Beauty and the Beat Boot" could be the biggest came ensemble yet with spots such as; Colleen Ballinger, RuPaul, Franke Grande, Matthew Lush, Kingsley, GloZell, Lance Bass and MANY more!

7) "Snow White and the Seven Thugs" has the major special guest of Victoria Justice, but did you spot Joey Graceffa, Kingsley, Kimberly Cole and Miles Jai?


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