Trisha Paytas dramatically attacks David Dobrik in deleted video

4 February 2019, 18:03

trisha paytas attacks david dorbik
Picture: YouTube: Trisha Paytas

Trisha compared David Dobrik to serial killer Ted Bundy. Yep.

Trisha Paytas has criticised a number of prominent YouTubers including David Dobrik and her former boyfriend Jason Nash in a dramatic and emotional new video which was briefly posted to her channel, before being taken down (although not before being downloaded by fans and re-uploaded later).

In the video, which was seen by many fans before Trisha took it down, a visibly crying Trisha details a series of problems that she said were going on in the background of the group's seemingly idyllic videos.

trisha paytas david dorbik
Picture: David Dobrik

In a shocking contrast to David's generally glowingly positive and friendly outward persona, Trisha calls David "horrible". It's a lengthy video but some key quotes are:

- David is "a horrible person" and compared him to notorious serial killer Ted Bundy, who was recently the subject of a Netflix documentary series.

- She was very hurt by a joke Jason made about having a threesome with Tana Mongeau.

- "Me and Jason are done"

- "Something bad is going to happen in that group, something dangerous"

In the video, Trisha also gets into personal details about Jason's private life and his kids, which we won't republish here. A lot of the latter half of the video seems to be very specifically personal to Trisha and Jason's relationship, which is most likely one of the reasons why she took it off YouTube.

People have been posting their thoughts on the video on social media.

David and Jason are yet to respond to Trisha's video.