Trisha Paytas Has Defended Her Controversial “Appetite Suppressant” Lollipop Photo

24 May 2018, 12:06 | Updated: 24 May 2018, 12:24

Trisha Paytas advertising "appetite suppressant" lollipops on Instagram
Trisha Paytas advertising "appetite suppressant" lollipops on Instagram. Picture: Trisha Paytas // Instagram

By Josh Lee

"Not all of us can control our eating"

Trisha Paytas has spoken out against fans who criticised her for promoting "appetite suppressant" lollipops on Instagram.

Last week, Trisha was subject to backlash after encouraging her Instagram followers to buy lollipops that claim to suppress the eater's appetite, with some fans claiming that her stance on body positivity isn't compatible with diet sweets.

Now, Trisha has defended her use of them

Arguing that the lollipops are not intended to be used for weight loss, Trisha said that her eating was an "addiction," and that she's had to use appetite suppressants her whole life.

"I'm so over this judgement," she added.

While appetite-suppressing sweets are not thought to be a "sole and direct" cause of illness, eating disorder charity Beat said that, because these types of products are used by people with disorders such as anorexia, it "feels... harmful to widely distribute and promote such products."