Trisha Paytas reveals she's worth $25 million…and then says she's "broke"

6 August 2019, 16:05 | Updated: 6 August 2019, 17:03

Trisha Paytas on Instagram.
Trisha Paytas reveals she's worth $25 million… and then says she's "broke". Picture: @trishapaytas via Instagram

By Jazmin Duribe

Trisha Paytas just revealed her immense net worth…or did she?

Trisha Paytas hasn't exactly blended into the background since entering The Reality House. In a short time, the YouTuber has already kissed Omar (Cray Cray Roc), revealed she dated an 84-year-old man aged 19, and dragged David Dobrik. All in a days work for Trisha, really.

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However, in the latest episode of the YouTuber reality series, Trisha let slip that she's worth a whopping $25 million whilst arguing over a bed with Dominic DeAngelis. But, just minutes later, Trisha claimed she was broke. Yep, all very confusing.

Watch episode 3 of The Reality House here.

There had been tension between Dom and Trisha since the first episode and by episode three it all kicked off. Everyone was told to pick their rooms but Dom and Trisha clashed when Trisha discovered he had his own double bed, while she was sleeping on the sofa.

Dom wanted $400 for the bed, but Trisha claimed she couldn't afford the fee because she's "broke".

The Reality House.
The Reality House. Picture: KianAndJc via YouTube.

"I have no money, I'm broke," she said, blaming her ex-boyfriend Jason Nash for her money problems. Dom later replied: "Your net worth is $2 million!" But then, Trisha backtracked, and said: "No! Net worth? It’s $25 million, I have a fucking Patreon!"

It then turned into a vicious game of which YouTuber is the richest.

"I got rent, I got my car payment, baby," Dom said, and Trisha replied: "Can’t relate. I have three cars paid for in cash. A Lamborghini, a pink G-wagon and a Mercedes." And I oop-


Whoever is the richest, they're all still competing for $25,000. The last person standing will walk away with the cash prize and, more importantly, the YouTuber clout.