Trisha Paytas Just Shut Down A Fan Who Compared Her To Shane Dawson

13 March 2018, 11:43 | Updated: 13 March 2018, 11:48

Shane Dawson and Trisha Paytas
Shane Dawson and Trisha Paytas. Picture: YouTube

By Josh Lee

Don't use Trisha Paytas to throw shade at Shane Dawson.

Trisha Paytas came to her BFF Shane Dawson's aid yesterday after a fan tried to use her to bash him.

On March 12th, a fan of Shane and Trisha's tweeted at the latter complaining that Shane doesn't post videos every day when Trisha manages to post hour-long videos every day. However, Trisha wasn't about to be compared to her friend, and set the record straight, and defend Shane's content in the process.

"The quality of [Shane's] content is unheard of for YouTube," Trisha wrote. He produces full on television series each week, I go through drive thrus [sic] and film with a potato."

A supportive clap-back for the ages.

Trisha recently helped Shane celebrate 10 years of YouTube with a heart-felt tweet about the pair's relationship.

"The only man , person , human I’ve ever trusted in this world. The only person I’ve ever opened up completely to and the only person I know who loves and accepts everyone even if they don’t deserve his kindness and givingness," Trisha tweeted.