Trisha Paytas denies she supports Trump after immigrants rant goes viral

16 January 2019, 13:25

Trisha Paytas apology video
Trisha Paytas apology video. Picture: Trisha Paytas

By Woodrow Whyte

WTF Trisha?

Trisha Paytas has landed herself in hot water after a bizarre rant about immigrants went viral on Twitter.

In a clip, taken from an old video which has since been deleted, Trisha (who's wearing a Trump t-shirt) says of immigrants that: "There so so many taking our jobs, not paying taxes, which are two horrible situations in regards to our horrible economy."

"So you’re taking our jobs, you’re not paying our taxes, we’re paying for you. Same thing goes with the women who come over to have a baby to get the American benefits."

"They come over here pregnant, have a baby, they can stay and now they are reaping the benefits of Americans without actually having to do the duties that we Americans have to do as Americans."

Watch the clip below:

In a response video uploaded last night (Jan 15) titled 'I do NOT support Trump', Trisha claimed it was an old clip and that it does not reflect her real opinions on immigration, nor does she support Trump and his wall.

Trisha says she's never supported Trump. In fact, she's never voted (well that's fine then!) nor has she ever taken a real interest in politics before. She goes on to explain that she was trolling for views in many of her old videos, and that she deliberately sought controversy to get a higher view count and more money. Trisha described the videos as 'satire'.

In regards to the comments on immigrants, she said: "I'm thankful for people that do work hard in this country and however you got into this country - if you were born into it, you worked hard to get in, you were brought into this [country] as a baby unknowingly, whatever happened - I'm thankful for them because I have been blessed. I have a pretty easy job now but even before I was a stripper. What was that contributing to society, y'know?"

"It sucks that this is being brought up but that is the internet age that we live in. I will do 5000 more apology videos if this is what is needed"

The comments on Twitter have been largely unforgiving.

What do you think of Trisha's apology video?