Troye Sivan Is Returning To YouTube And Collabing With An Iconic Creator

17 August 2018, 12:41

Troye Sivan is set to collab with an iconic YouTuber
Troye Sivan is set to collab with an iconic YouTuber. Picture: Caspar Lee

By Josh Lee

Before Troye was an internationally-recognised pop star, he was just a boy with a camera in his bedroom, sharing his life and music with the world. Of course, he wasn't just any old YouTuber - with collaborations with Tyler Oakley, Marcus Butler, Caspar Lee and other huge names, Troye was a pretty big hitter on the platform. But while his career has taken the boy out of YouTube, it looks as though you can't take YouTuber out of the boy.

On August 15th, Caspar Lee revealed that he was filing "something awesome" with Troye that wouldn't be out for a few months yet, before referencing Frentus in a hashtag.

Wait, what does Frentus mean?

Troye Sivan created Frentus - an alter-ego based on a warped version of his face - during a collaboration video with Caspar back in 2013.

While Caspar was teasing us about Frentus, Troye was offering nuggets of information himself, tweeting, "guys... YouTuber Troye is BACK" on August 16th.