An Epic List Of YouTuber's Festive Christmas Twitter Names

20 December 2016, 11:56 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:45

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Puns on point.

When it comes to the holidays, there's a new tradition in town. Whether it be Halloween, Easter or indeed Christmas, one of our favourite things to do is come up with a suitably punny name to use on Twitter. In October we covered all the spooky names and today we're spreading festive joy with the best festive Twitter names,

Be sure to look out for our Christmas name generator coming soon, too.

Naomi Victoria

A strong contender for the best name of the season, Naomi is sleigh-ing it. And how gorgeous is that profile pic?!

twitter christmas name


Jake Edwards

The cheekiest elf in town!

twitter christmas names


Kelsey Ellison

Awards for prettiest profile photo goes to Kelsey hands down!

twitter christmas names


Brizzy Voices

Cute name but we're not sure how chilly it is in LA?

twitter christmas names



It's a strech but we love it. Anyone for a Christmas kiss?

twitter christmas names



It's like it was always meant to be! PS/ Serious eye makeup goals going on here.

twitter christmas names


Ebony Day


twitter christmas names


My Names Chai

We'd totally put Chai at the top of our tree.

twitter christmas names


Niki Albon

Serious question- is Niki actually Santa?

twitter christnas names


Sammy Albon

Are we being really stupid or does this make no sense?

twitter christmas name


Carrie Hope Fletcher

Our Christmas angel does it again with an amazing festive Twitter name.

twitter christmas names


Evan Edinger

The king of puns clearly had to have a go at this. Amazing effort, Evan.

twitter christmas names



As Christmas' biggest fan, it was a no brainer that Zoe would update her Twitter name.

twitter christmas names


Jenna Marbles

Subtle but effective.

twitter christmas names


Alfie Deyes

Making both his first and last name festive- we salute you, Alfie!

twitter christmas names


Dan Howell

Everything about this is kinda disturbing.

twitter christmas names


Phil Lester

This, on the other hand, is super cute.

twitter christmas names


Which one is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.