10 Of The Best Lines From The Preview Chapter Of Tyler Oakley's New Book

29 September 2015, 17:26 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:11

We the Unicorns

By Liam Dryden

Tyler Oakley's long-awaited biography BINGE finally arrives in less than a month; and just to spoil us, the fabulous vlogger is releasing excerpts from the book every week - starting with the story of his college romance in saucy chapter "The One That Got Away".

Part 1 of the chapter dropped last night, and we are already obsessed. We picked out some of our favourite lines, accompanied with some fairly appropriate Tyler reaction GIFs:


"I looked up from my Scrabble letters and into his hazel eyes. Hazel is how you describe the color of someone's brown eyes when you're in love".


"...a straight, eligible, athletic, charming guy with ambition and the perfect amount of chest hair (judging by his Facebook pictures, which the three of us had already stalked)."


"I returned to my shift as a telemarketer, my relatively new job of calling alumni asking them to donate money to the university."


"There's nothing worse than sitting across from a charming, hot straight boy. Nothing"


"Adam became my work bestie, the person with whom I shared most of my inside jokes and sideways glances."


"Despite his tragic sexual orientation, we treated each other like work boyfriends"


"I always dreamed of someday having a Jewish mother-in-law"


"Between drinking green beers and green Jell-O shots and green vodka, all while wearing green wigs and hats and shirts and leggings, MSU did St. Patty right"


"we'd grow old together, all because of one chance encounter in a Jewish fraternity's drunken celebration of an Irish saint. A quintessentially American love story."


"I was so heart-eyes emoji, and this was before the heart-eyes emoji even existed."


BINGE comes out on October 20th, and Tyler will be releasing a snippet every Monday. If you're already signed up for Wattpad, you can read "The One That Got Away" in full below.