Every Single Reason Why Tyler Oakley Is Our Queen

22 March 2016, 11:38 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:14

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Happy Birthday to our FAVOURITE YouTuber!

It's Tyler Oakley's birthday today, so why the hell not celebrate every single reason as to why he's is our absolute Queen and saviour. We can't do it any other day of the year, can we?

The following reasons come straight from the heart to highlight the fact that Tyler Oakley is a gift to this planet and every single human being who lives here. They range from our favourite videos to things he has done IRL to help the lives of people suffering with depression or their sexuality. we hope by the end of this list you 100% agree with us - Tyler Oakley is the greatest thing to have happened to the Internet.


1) Tyler's very first video was called Raindrops.

Filmed almost a decade ago, this was Tyler's official YouTube debut.


2) He's a self-proclaimed "professional fangirl".

In comparison to Tyler, we're not even semi-stans. He's the epitome of fan-girl and he owns it!



3) Tyler ACTUALLY lived his wildest fantasies with One Direction.

I mean, the fact this video even exists puts a smile on my face. You go Tyler, chase that dream.


4) Tyler brought up Education issues when speaking with the Obama's.

Multiple YouTubers have met the Obama's now, but Tyler raised some truly inspiring points that we hope are listened to soon!



5) The Red Carpet gets well and truly worked out.

Tyler recently hosted and walked the red carpet for Vanity Fair at the Oscars, so you know he's got a trick up his sleeve when it comes to fashion.



6) He looks SICKENING in a onesie.

And thank god he does as he based a whole global tour around that fact!



7) Tyler is seen as one of the leading advocates for LGBT Youth suicide prevention.

Over his entire career, Tyler has worked tireless hard to promote the lives of young people struggling with their sexual identity by working closely with The Trevor Project.




We don't need to say anything more. Just, the fact Troyler exists is something we're thankful for every single day.



9) Anyone related to Queen Jackie is a god in our eyes.

We want Jackie to be our mama - can you share Tyler?!



10) Psychobabble is pretty much the best YouTuber podcast.

We're not kidding. You'd not lived until you've heard the 'Queens' edition of Tyler and Korey's much loved podcast.



11) Tyler is consistently the wingman for the Holy Trinity.

The combination of these four majestic creatures together is almost too much to handle.



12) He has single-handedly raised over half a million dollars for The Trevor Project.

OVER HALF A MILLION. Let that sink in and realise how truly inspiration Tyler has become in 2016.



13) There isn't a single hair colour he can't pull off.

Which was your favourite colour? Ours was mint green.



14) I mean, can we talk about BINGE for a second?!

Not only is this one of the best Youtube books on the market, but it's the most sincere and honest autobiography we've ever read.


15) His documentary, Snervous, literally made us cry.

No kidding, seeing him all scared and humbled was almost too much to handle.



16) He's a proud member of Nerdfighteria.

Who isn't really?! The DFTBA clan is one of the most important and proactive groups on YouTube, and we'd follow John and Hank to the ends of the Earth.



17) Nine times out of ten he's our spirit animal.

Be it about pop culture, food or music - Tyler is us AF.



18) Tyler can eat a RIDICULOUS amount of chicken nuggets.

This is literally our favourite YouTube tradition - how many Chicken McNuggets can Tyler and Korey eat in one sitting? Korey once made it to 50... which is just unfathomable.



19) He will undeniably beat you at Edward Forty-Hands.

This entire video was ridiculous, and #Tymrie can thank us for literally half the views on it. Just go watch it, it will slay you to the core.



20) Mr Oakley is the smollest of beans.

Best meme. Best man. BOOM - smol bean.



21) "Rubbing my clitter on Twitter".

If you didn't already know, this was the first thing Tyler put on Twitter. Yah, do you love him even more now?!



22) Tyler is officially the Most Eligible Bachelor in the world.

After calling his fans to vote for him, he managed to shoot right up the leaderboard and steal the crown from none other than Adam Lambert.



23) Whisk. Watermelon. Pikachu.

This video will never be unseen.



24) He's the proud owner of the YouTube Burn Book.

Just watch this video, you won't regret witnessing the YouTube Burn Book.


25) Tyler cares for his viewers more so than ANY other YouTuber.

As seen via Snervous and pretty much his entire social media account, Mr Oakley is 100% dedicated to his fanbase and letting us all know how much he cares for us.



26) He finally met his own personal Queen, Lady Gaga.

Gods finally collided when Tyler met Gaga backstage at the Oscars earlier this year.




YAAAAAAAAAAS. Happy Birthday Tyler! We adore you.