We Can Prove Tyler Oakley Is The Queen Of Shade In Just 7 Pictures

1 December 2015, 17:13 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:12

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Don't deny it or else Tyler will have you for it.

Tyler Oakley is the T Queen. Not only are his videos absolute gold, but somehow time after time Tyler keeps dishing out shade like its nobodies business. How he does it no one knows, all we can do is stare in wonder and recollect all the of shadiest moments of Queen Tyler's life so far.

I hope you're ready for all the Unicorn research...


We'd trip-trap all over that bridge. Tyler is troll goals, amirite? There's massive amounts of shade underneath that particular bridge as well, so good choice T!



Brunching it up in the shade? That's very health smart of you Tyler! Why bother smothering yourself in suncream when shade exists?! Yaaas!



Just Tyler having a couple shots with this bae's in a lovely shaded gazebo. T. Oakes is super in tune with the wooden garden furniture aesthetic.



Who knew that the shadiest place Tyler could be, was underneath RuPaul's helmet! Sensible move Ty-Ty.



Not his finest moment, but one of the shadiest places to lie down and take a nice nap is the alleyway behind a nightclub! What an inspiration you are to us all Mr Oakley!



Casually chilling on the beach? Don't forget the beach umbrella and shade! Loving his super adorable matching flip flops and fur lined hoodie. Thank God this rare moment of Tyler shade was caught on camera.



He may have forgotten to bring the coat he took to the beach, but at least in the rain Tyler can keep himself shady and dry from the weather! Genius.