10 Unicorn Gifts You Want To Hope Santa Has In His Sack

17 November 2015, 14:55 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:11

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Have you been a naughty or nice Unicorn this year?

T'is the season to hope you've been good. Yup, we're talking about Christmas. And we know you're already compiling your Christmas list (with Caspar & Joe Hit The Road at the top, right?)

As Unicorns, we thought it was only fair that we searched all the awesome Unicorn stuff on the Internet and compiled them into one handy gift guide for you (top tip: send the link of this article to your parents/siblings/boyfriend/cat)

In the words of Smosh... UNICORN POWER!

Smosh gif


Ł5 And Under

Unicorn tights

Why wear normal tights when you can wear Unicorn tights?


Unicorn cookies

Hint: buy this Unicorn cookie cutter, make us Unicorn cookies, post them to our office.


Unicorn poop

Santa may give you a few weird looks if you ask for Unicorn Poop but this lip balm is top of our list, too.


Unicorn book


Budding vlogger/blogger? Take down all your ideas and maybe become the next editor of WeTheUnicorns (or, you know, something even better than that...)


Under Ł20

Unicorn necklace

Wear your heart on your, er, neck. If Santa needs a pointer, this necklace is from ASOS.




A Unicorn USB stick. Because sure.




If you're old enough to drink alcohol, this is the gift for you. No longer will you have to buy cheap screw-top wine, you can graduate to the fancy corked stuff with this Unicorn corkscrew.


Unicorn t-shirt

Dear Santa, we've worked very hard this year. Please reward us with this t-shirt.


$$ Mega Bucks $$

Unicorn onesie

Fan of ||Superwoman||? Now you can have her onesie!


Unicorn Shoes


Our final wish-list item comes in the form of these INSANE Unicorn shoes from Etsy. Sure, we wouldn't be able to walk in them but we need them in our lives!


Now go forth and unite in your Unicorn power!

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