WATCH: Here's Why NerdyAndQuirky Is Our New Favourite Teen Vlogger

13 November 2015, 16:14 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:32

We the Unicorns

By Liam Dryden

We've got a new YouTuber of the Week; and this time, we're making tribute videos!

We always like to be on the lookout for new or up-and-coming creators at We The Unicorns, and sometimes we think they're worthy of a whole video feature. So we put a little something together in honour of a YouTuber whose stuff we've really been enjoying lately - 17 year-old vlogger Sabrina Cruz, aka "NerdyAndQuirky".

You might recognise her face from a few social justice-themed gifsets that have been doing the rounds on Tumblr lately; but that's just the tip of the content iceberg that is Sabrina's channel. Vlogging for just over three years, Toronto-based Sabrina has amassed over 6 million views collectively, and over 130,000 subscribers.

And how, you may ask, has she racked up those impressive figures without becoming either a gamer, a beauty guru or a serial collaborator? By doing something so few YouTubers these days seem comfortable with: being unapologetically herself.

Sabrina's infectious enthusiasm, intelligence, and passion for talking points such as pop culture, education and feminism have gained her a loyal audience. She has grabbed the attention of bigger-name channels like the Vlogbrothers, which has opened up opportunities for her such as pitching and speaking on her own panel at VidCon, hosting her own kid-friendly series of Crash Course, and even filling in for John Green on the Vlogbrothers channel.

And it helps that, even at just 17, she can be so dang relatable to everyone.

We'll be keeping an eye on Sabrina as her YouTube career grows over the next little while. If you want to join us, you can subscribe to NerdyAndQuirky here!