Here's The PRECISE Reason Why PewDiePie Was Suspended From Twitter

1 September 2016, 11:12 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:19

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

It was such as mess.

PewDiePie has taken his fanbase on a crazy journey over the last few weeks. After multiple digs at Marina Joyce and then going on holiday for a week with no new videos lined up, the whole world was waiting patiently to see what Felix would get up to upon his return from his romantic jaunt with Marzia. We definitely don't think anyone expected him to come home and get suspended from Twitter though; but it happened - and here's the reason why.

It all started when Felix decided to unverify himself from Twitter because he was sick of the "status system" that came with it. He noticed that verified accounts would spam his follow button, clog up his notifications and generally just be the worst people on the Internet - so he chose to rebel against the popularity contest altogether. This, naturally, confused a lot of his fans.

A Twitter parody account, called Sky Neiws, mentioned Felix in an spoof article titled "Popular YouTuber @PewDiePie unverified due to suspected relations with ISIS" - an obvious joke to those people who "took like half a second" to click the link and realise that the Twitter account was unverified, had 400 followers and was linking to a news story about a mining accident.

Continuing with the joke, Felix then took to his own account to let his fans know that he and JackSepticEye had "joined ISIS". Once more, we feel like we need to mention that this is NOT TRUE, as lots of mainstream media outlets are taking him way too seriously. Now, the internet is built on the whole "freedom of speech" belief system, but it looks like some people found this joke to be too insensitive, which is when things went downhill - in fact, it's pretty much the main reason he was suspended.

On the evening of the 31st of August, the official PewDiePie Twitter account was suspended. Felix posted an image on his Facebook of what he could see once the strike had taken place, and in response both his name and the hashtag #SavePewDiePie started trending on Twitter. Mostly, people were just showing confusion as to what single action had kicked the creator off Twitter, but the other half were quite happy to see that Twitter were taking his ISIS threat seriously.

After the suspension, Felix did not choose to wipe his profile from offensive tweets - in fact, he decided to tweet out exact replica's of previous Marina Joyce tweets from when she tried to organise a meet-up in the middle of the night in East London for some reason. From what we can gather on social media, Felix is currently on his way to PAX West and has not made any further statements on his suspension, but we'll keep you updated as and when this story continues.



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