35 Thoughts We Have When Watching Beauty Vloggers

14 January 2016, 17:26 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:13

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

We could not have said it better ourselves.

Question: Which part of YouTube saps up the most amount of your time?

Answer: Beauty and make-up tutorials!! Ah, we feel your pain so so strongly.

So to honour our absolute addiction to watching beauty guru's across the planet try to teach us the secret tips of contouring and revealing the season's hottest looks in their hauls, we've rounded up every single thing we think when we watch a beauty video - but with a catch.

Every single thought below is a direct quote from everybody's favourite drag queen, Willam Belli, and boy does this queen knows how to bite! His thoughts on beauty vloggers are by the far the funniest things we've ever heard and we hope you enjoy them too!


1 - “Oh I already wanna hit ya.”

animation (41)

2 - ‘OH MY GOD. You just described a colour as pomegranite. It’s f***ing pink!'

3 - ‘ABOOT?! Try not to sound so Canadian.’

4 - ‘You leave the house like that?! Aww’

animation (42)

5 - ‘You put this on the Internet?!’

6 - ‘Maybe if you didn’t pluck your eyebrows so thin you wouldn’t be so cold!’

7 - ‘Your forehead and you just lost a roshambo challenge because you just drew your eyebrows anywhere you wanted.’

8 - ‘Well look who’s ready for a night at home!!’

9 - ‘Are you still talking?!’

10 - ‘First you’re going to wanna make sure your hair is REALLY damaged…. I mean like divorced ends.’

11 - ‘Gurl, you went on TV without shoes?!’

12 - ‘Don’t tie it. Don’t tie it. Uh…’

animation (44)

13 - ‘There was a dude behind you gurl… GET OUTTA THE HOUSE!’


animation (46)

15 - ‘The word jealous… 2 syllables. The word jelly… 2 syllables. Plus you’re like 30, so…’

16 - ‘Read the word before you get on the camera… that’s what a professional would do.’

animation (48)

17 - ‘These nouns and adjectives don’t go together.’

18 - ‘Acronyms only make sense when the rest of the world knows them too not just in ya head.’

19 - ‘First you’re gonna wanna start the video out in some dumbass garden which has nothing to do with your hair!’

animation (49)

20 - ‘I can clock a weave from across a county b***h!!’

21 - ‘What kinda complicated Hobbit up-do is this?! Cate Blanchett doesn’t even have time for this.’

animation (50)

22 - ‘You brush a wig from the bottom… fool.’

23 - ‘Never wear something you can’t run from someone in.’

24 - ‘You can use the same brush everywhere…’

animation (51)

25 - ‘Is this a make-up tutorial or To Catch A Predator?’

26 - … 

animation (52)

27 - ‘Are you eating your hair?!’

28 - ‘I really don’t understand why his poor grammar is supposed to be funny!’

29 - ‘I’m worried if you can cross the street by yourself from one corner to another.’

animation (53)

30 - ‘Are you dabbing it or smearing it?! How am I going to do ma face right if I don’t know?!’

31 - ‘Can we just crop you? Coz I’m feeling your friend…’

animation (54)

32 - … 

animation (55)

33 - ‘I’ma request you never speak again how ‘bout that?’

34 - ‘You didn’t wanna run those dishes through the dishwasher real quick? It’s called set dressing.’

35 - ‘You’re not Carrie Bradshaw. You’ll never be Carrie Bradshaw. Not even Carrie Bradshaw’s stand-in. Not even the CW Carrie Bradshaw!’


If you want to see even more of Willam's fire, then you can watch his Best of Beatdown below!

SERIOUS WARNING: Willam's sense of humour is massively sarcastic and needs to be taken with a pinch of salt. Not for the easily offended.