Woah Vicky: Why Is She Famous And How Does She Know Lil' Tay?

9 July 2018, 16:29 | Updated: 9 July 2018, 16:32

Woah Vicky
Woah Vicky. Picture: Other

By Josh Lee

The Instagram celeb has made a big name for herself, but how much do you really know about her?

Up until mid-2017, Woah Vicky (real name Victoria Waldrip, was just another young internet child who spent too much time flexing for the 'gram. But after claiming to be black and arguing that said blackness gives her the right to drop n-bombs whenever she wants, 17-year-old Vicky's profile exploded. But how much do you really know about Woah Vicky?

Everything you need to know about Woah Vicky

Does Woah Vicky think she's black?

Considering the role that race has played in her path to fame, her heritage is something of a hot topic. While Vicky herself once claimed to be black after taking a DNA test which she claimed said she was "25%" black, in 2018 she admitted she was, in fact, caucasian.

Are Vicky and Lil' Tay sisters?

Vicky and fellow Instagram star Lil' Tay have been seen in numerous videos together, and have called each other "sister" from time to time. But in reality the sisterhood isn't real - the pair are just friends, and not related. But sometimes blood is thicker than water, and Vicky has publicly defended 9-year-old Lil' Tay, claiming that her brother is behind her erratic behaviour online.

What's the deal with her parents and family?

Vicky's mother and father are Carla Johnson and Steve Waldrip, from Georgia US, and their lives couldn't be more different from the image Woah Vicky presents online, with Steve reportedly running his own construction firm. Meanwhile, Woah Vicky's sister is reportedly Stephanie Waldrip, a successful fashion designer based in New York.

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So is Vicky secretly rich?

She may not have been raised by millionaires, but with a business-owning father and fashion designer sister, it's hard to believe that Vicky rose from nothing, as she likes to say on social media.

How does she make money?

Like most social media stars, Vicky is available for sponsored Instagram posts and event appearances. She hasn't done too badly from it either, with an estimated net-worth of $800,000.

What was Woah Vicky's beef with Snoop Dogg?

Earlier this year Vicky shared an extremely misguided video in which she brandished a gun, exclaiming, “F**k you, Snoop Dogg, p***y b***h … you probably got AIDS with your old *ss … you look like a Chihuahua with your old *ss!” she yells into the camera. Shortly after (but not before Snoop got her together with a response of his own), Vicky issued an apology, saying she hadn't yet gotten to grips with her new fame.

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