7 YouTubers You NEED To Follow On Spotify

22 February 2016, 17:00 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:40

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Because, you know, music and the Internet.

Let's get this straight- Spotify premium changed our lives. When we're on our commute, there's nothing like sticking on some old school 00s pop and getting ready for a day writing about YouTubers (fyi this article is in no way sponsored).

It seems we're not the only ones loving Spotify with tons of our favourite YouTubers using it to create awesome playlists for you to enjoy. So if you think you're stalking following your faves on every social media platform, think again.

From Zoella's Christmas playlist to Will Darbyshire's sexy tunes, here's the YouTubers you need to be subscribed to on Spotify.

Bethany Mota

YouTubers on Spotify

With nearly half a million followers on Spotify, Bethany clearly has great taste. We love her "Nap time with Beth" playlist for when we just want to chill the bleep out.


Joe Sugg

YouTubers on Spotify

Whether he's getting pumped for a trip to LA or loving London's music scene, Joe has created several playlists for you to follow.


Zoe Sugg

YouTubers on Spotify

Of course, we couldn't not feature Zoe and her iconic Christmas playlist. Every single year we make sure we play Zoe's festive tunes as soon as November 1st hits. As well as holiday jams, you can check out who Zoe has been listening to lately- and it won't surprise you to see she's been bopping along to be a bit of One Direction!


Will Darbyshire

YouTubers on Spotify

Will has a playlist called "Sex".


Andrea Russett

Andrea Russett gif

Feeling sassy? Andrea has a playlist for that? Happy? Sad? Punk? Andrea has made several playlists mostly inspired by her moods. If you're one of her 2.5 million YouTube subscribers, you need to follow her on Spotify.


Gabriella Lindley/VelvetGh0st

YouTubers on Spotify

Gabs has an amazing voice, as witnessed by her stunning cover with BFF Hobbie. So you just know Gabbie is going to have great music taste. A huge fan of musicals, be sure to follow Gabbie and check out her Les Mis playlist for all the feels.


Louis Cole

YouTubers on Spotify

As one of the Coolest People Ever, it's obviousLouis has an amazing and eclectic taste in music. Want to know what Louis has been listening to lately? Or which tracks he's been Shazzaming? It's all here.


Which YouTuber do you think has the best music taste? Let us know in the comments below.