The 7 YouTube Bromances That Consume Our Hearts

8 January 2016, 16:24 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:13

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

We literally can't even with these bro's.

We're over marriage. We don't care about squad goals. And we certainly won't be messing with your MF'ing clique. But bromances?! My gosh, they were sent straight from heaven and we cannot get enough of them.

There's literally nothing in the world more charming and heart-warming than seeing two people so absolutely and perfectly in balance with each other that their friendship becomes a beacon of light for everyone witnessing it.

So multiply that feeling by 10 million and then you get a close estimate of our emotions towards these seven YouTube bromances!



Troyler are without a doubt one of the most questionable 'bromances' to have ever appeared on YouTube. With their flirtatious glances and cheeky attitudes, it's no wonder that these two are shipped left, right and centre, but we absolutely adore them for how perfect they are just as BFF's. Never change boys! 



Oh Phan, where do we even begin with you two. You have so much control over your wonderfully quirky audience that they have the power to completely dominate any awards we try to start! If you're not aboard the Phan-train yet, just what PINOF7 below and welcome to your new life.



A bromance for the gods since 2012! We have zero idea how we've survived this bromance for so long; the sight of these two beauties together is hard to contain! I mean, can you remember when they went on The Crew and ended up tonguing each other?! We wept for days.



Jaspar are the definition of a power couple. They live together, they travel together, and they make movies together. They're on FIRE. For further proof of their bromance if this video isn't enough, go and watch them decorate their Christmas tree today. They're freaking cinnamon rolls.



The entire name for this bromance is enough to slay the gods - Shoey Dawceffa. This bromance is so iconic that somehow their hairstyles have mirrored each other for years - now that's dedication to the BFF game!!



Since the dawn of YouTube back in 2005, we've had the One True Bromance - Ian and Anthony. Inspiration not just for vloggers and social media personalities across the world, the two super-dudes behind SMOSH are pretty much the tightest and most unbreakable bromance ever to have surfaced on the Internet. Beef'n'Go 4 lyf.



The best thing about PewDieCry is their total acceptance of their fanbase and its shipping needs. Whilst we're happy to adore PDC for the bromance BFF gold that they are, we have to agree with their fanbase because we had the greatest day of our lives when they read fanfiction. This is a must watch.


Did we miss any of your fave bromances? Let us know!!