10 Problems Only People With An Old Video On YouTube Understand

5 October 2015, 18:28 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:11

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

There's a time in all our lives where - for work or play- we'll star in a YouTube video that we later regret. And, as long as it's not illegal in any way, it won't really do you a lot of harm.

But it's still there. And you can't take it down. Ever.

We feel you.

Here's why it sucks.

When your date Googles you, it'll be one of the first things he/she sees. All the cringe.


And your employer. 


Got lipstick on your teeth/a huge spot/bad brows in the video? There'll be there forever


Used to over-do it on the fake tan? Yup, the video will be a reference of how orange you were.


Your colleagues/friends will constantly post the video in group messages



And if you were roped into a challenge video, it'll be a constant reminder of your failures in life


Especially when you realise you did it all in a horrible 00s velour tracksuit/tattoo choker combo


The whole situation is made worse if it's a video of you singing. Really badly.


But, tbh, you were young and thought you were the next big thing in music/film/skate boarding/ice bucket-ing


Just deal with it and move on. You were ahead of the game, baby!